We can see now the various applications of wholesale LED flood light. And led panel light is installed in hotels, meeting room, even many families also choose panel lamp as lighting resources. Many people used to calling led penal light as flat panel light lamp, indeed, from the appearance point of view; the LED panel light is more like a flat. But just such small a tablet, it has higher color rendering index than the traditional lamp, these LED lamps with higher luminous efficiency. Although the LED panel light appears like a flat, but it is such a simple design and metal frame outside around give the panel lamp very simple, special atmosphere and a high grade feeling. The lamp has been attracting more customers with its various advantages, better energy efficiency, low price, and more beautiful lighting shape. These are the main reasons of people choose to use panel light, at the same time, LED panel light is also providing people with a brand-new visual feast. Leiqiong is one of the best gu10 LED lamp manufacturers.



Characteristics of led panel light

1. The panel adopts high transparent acrylic plate, light-emitting soft, high light efficiency. The lamp has the advantages of simple operation, flash light, no stroboscopic, no singing, no glare, no lead, mercury and other harmful substances. The lamp has the advantages of convenient installation, can be directly installed to ceiling and can also lifting installed using hoisting hole in the back. Therefore, LED flood light for sale is widely used in the conference room, high-grade office and other places.

2. Led panel light is a high-end interior lighting with beautiful and simple lighting design and luxurious atmosphere creating appearance. While providing good lighting effects, it can also bring a feeling of beauty. Led panel light creates a uniform plane light effect after light goes through the high light transmittance ratio guide plate. The good illumination uniformity, soft, comfortable and not bright light can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

3. Led panel light products are mercury contain less, waste less and when manufacturing, there is almost no pollution created. Semiconductor lighting's recyclable characteristic makes it a significant role in economic and social sustainable development and it is in name and in fact a green lighting technology.


So many characteristics of the LED panel light product, we have no reason not to accept it. So, the traditional fluorescent tubes replaced by LED, in all public places, the LED dominant. This fully shows that the future direction of LED development has great market space.